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Lots has changed in 1 year. I am now the Commanding Officer of the Blacksquadron Star Wars Games division. I am no longer an Ensign as i was when Originally posted this recruiting topic, but a Captain running one of the Main Divisions of Blacksquadron along with my XO, Rear Admiral Tankgun.

Blacksquadron supports:
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Empire at War & Forces of Corruption
Eve Online
Battlefield Series
Call of Duty 4
and Starcraft II when it comes out

The SWBF2 division is picking back up after a dip in activity, and has installed a points system based on battle reports, coming to trainings, participating in clan wars and matches, and being active. There are also bonuses for those of you who excell in the game and get the most kills, points ect.
Promotions are now based on that point system, where the more you get the better chance you have of getting promoted or getting that open position. In Blacksquadron, if you are active ingame and on the forums, you WILL go far.

If you've never been involved in a clan, its definently something to try. After participating in several my self, I can safely say that Clan matches and wars are the best part about Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Come check it out:

Hope to see you on the forums soon!

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