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Originally Posted by The Padawan
I donít know but I think that maybe the next Darth Traya could be Brianna (The Handmaiden).... She was betrayed by Atris , she is part of the New raising order and she cant control her emotion very well So she is my number 1 option....


if is not her then

2) Bastila

Or if is not her for last I think It will be Dustil

He thought that heís father betrayed him but then he "Forgave himĒ but then remember he did not decided to walk the path of a Jedi , he just leaved , where? We donít know and remember he was a Sith and trained in the ways of the dark side... so he is my 3 and final option ....
Dustil's Dead. He was that dead jedi in the secret cave in Korriban.
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