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Originally Posted by 90SK
I like the fact that you're doing armor mods. I LOVE armor mods...that why I personally like to do them as well. This particular one is very simple, but I still like it. It's effective.
Keep up the good work!
Thank you! They are pretty simple yet still leave a personal mark on the game, which is kind of fun. And adding placeables is a great way to start learning how to script, so it's a learn as I go thing.
Thanks! Feedback always gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.

Originally Posted by Danyael27
There are a couple of masks in the game that could fitt that role.

And i also figured that they always put them on just before the race and took them off just after.

Anyways, i really really like this mod.

Maybe a mask next?
I'll keep that in mind for when I'm looking for a new project.

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