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those are "classic"? Those are like the 3rd generation of Star Wars games. I did like SotE though, even if it is really rather flawed.

The classics really started up with SNES and (especially) the PC games of the early '90s, IMO. Graphics became very recognizable and the storyline quality exceeds that of later Star Wars games in many cases. I'd call that the "2nd generation". They were a massive step up from say the Atari era.

To be frank, I believe that the early-mid '90s were the peak of creativity for the industry. Game development costs were like a small fraction of what they are today. The reduced development costs allowed them to take risks, much more than today. Technology was good enough to allow fluid 3D rendering, even if it was rather basic. Those years saw the creation of the genres everyone plays today.

Heck, the prequel era was when LucasArts went down the tubes and lost most of the talent that made their name.
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