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Originally Posted by Darth Zerin
Dustil's Dead. He was that dead jedi in the secret cave in Korriban.
Originally Posted by Miles Edgeworth
No, he wasn't. That was Nebelish, he just looked like Dustil.
Whoa, and this is where in Ludo Kressh's tomb? I don't remember seeing someone who looked like Dustil Onasi...
If you are talking about that dead jedi in the room that you can recieve unlimited experiance, that isn't Dustil.

Probably just answered my own question.
Originally Posted by RakataDark
I am already writing it in how the Exile is the third Darth Traya in my fanfiction. You will find out more about it later on.
I think that you did a great job on that too! Everyone, you should read RD's fic that is posted on his signature! It is very good/getting very good. So READ UP!


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