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Well, they didn't lie to you at all. JK (as we usually call it) is amazing fun to play MP, there are lots of amazing user made maps and even excelent mods you could try (i recommend SBX, my personal fav). And yes, even now after 10 years since it was released, you can find a decent number of ppl to play with!!
The best way to find people to play with these days would be going to Internet Gaming Zones (IGZ), you just need to go to, download the client, go to the Nar Shaddaa room, and you're good to go.
You should also check (the best place for JK gaming), and (the best place for JK editing and resources)
If you have any probs, just let us know and we'll try to give you a hand.

Oh, just a little heads up... don't take the guys you'll find at Nar Shadda or too seriously, ok? The JK community is pretty special, and some idiots over there might bug you a bit just because they don't know you... There's also a bunch of cool ppl around, so ignore the others, and with time you should find the humor in them, hehe

Hope to see you at IGZ and have a few games real soon!
And may the force be with you

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