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Originally Posted by Ztalker
PS: I still can't get those url-tags to work. It's [url= *insert link*[ /url ]text that shows up [/ url] right? (Of course without all the spaces in between)
You wrote it wrong. It goes like this... Text that you want to put in and of course without all of the spaces.

*Address for example :* *Exept it isn't highlighted
Originally Posted by Jvstice
1) Kreia is speaking literally about a Darth Traya always existing in some form or another.
2) She made plans to become a dark side force ghost in case Exile defeated her, and thus plans to survive her own death, and remain as Darth Traya.
3) As a force ghost/betrayer, she could already be planning to betray the next generation by misleading some other poor sap.
I due have to say that all that you stated could all be possiblities, but which do you think is the most likely?

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