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Hey everyone,

I have been sick the past few days with the Flu, but...
I want you all to know that the project is going well.

The issue of this post will be the romance factor in the game.
I know kotor1 had a stronger love story then kotor2.
Some people prefer a strong love story with in the game while others prefer a vaguer one.

I have decided that the romance thread will be an optional quest.
This means that if you do not take the love side quest then the game will have romance story close to kotor2. If you decided to take the love side quest it will be closer to kotor1ís.

The mission for the romance side quest will open up when you have gained enough influence with your love interest through conversational threads.

Also more Concept Art and the first map/planet layouts......comming soon


Kotor: Revenge of Revan
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