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Originally Posted by jawathehutt
Ok, honestly that place is dead. The link to the forums is broken, the last file uploaded was coursant streets, you cant even get directly to the BF2 maps from the files button, the PoTD thing hasnt ever been updated, there are no BF2 screen shots, one of the screen shots has a picture of a class that wasnt even in BF1, most of the other sections have had any updates since BF1 and the chat no longer works.

It would be nice if someone could at least fix like the forum link thing, its been bugging me for so long.
Theres also a number of dead links on the files page, and possibly other places

You're right. I'm sorry, I've been so busy with school lately (thankfully I have a few days off for Spring Break now, woo! time to catch my breath), I haven't been checking my messages.

I'll let the staffers know about these issues, since I can't really fix the problems myself (I don't think).

Thanks for the feedback!

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