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MJ and Terra get mentions in The Escapist

The Escapist is doing a whole thing about Video Games that were "Critical success, Commercial Flop" and of course if any game embodies that, its Grim Fandango.

Anyway, in the Grim Fandango specific article (Walk, Don't Run), they talk about the Grim Fandango web communities that are still fairly strong even today. And in that discussion, MJ and Nightlight come up.

Some fans were drawn to these corners of the internet by chance but brought works of their own that complimented the setting nicely. Smith, fan of Manny Calavera and creator of the podcast "Tierra de los Muertos," explains. "My experience with the Grim Fandango Network came purely at the height of FandangoMania. ... I'd been working in radio for a year at that point, writing and producing radio plays. I'd come up with a 10-part radio series called 'Tierra de los Muertos' ('Land of the Dead') and it was just entering the final production stages. The Grim Fandango Network was looking for some hosted sites to have." The rest was history.
Too bad they didn't link you in the article though, MJ.

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