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i wonder what the whole GDS faction is up to, they came along later on in the mots timeline but some of them were alot of fun and pretty good.


i used to log onto my old icq and see a few names pop up that still used icq, DIK_NiCoDeMuS, DIK_RAGE, GDS_Vaporz, JaG_Fleury, JaG_BuDMaN, JOTS_BigDee

havent logged on in a long time though.

I wonder what the zone MOTS community would have been like with things such as ventrilo or teamspeak.

i can still remember the first zone ban i got.. lol. i was in _2Cool_ at the time and +Deal4U whipped an ip ban on me.. which didnt do much at the time cause hardly anyone had static ips.
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