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Name: Terr Spyrte Racoryz

Speices: Mandolorian/Miraluka (Clone of Unknown Mandolorian and Miraluka Donor)

Merc Squad Nickname: "Terrain"
Merc Squad Position: Lead and Demolitions Expert
Merc Squad: Beta Squad
Armor: Rusty Phase Clone Armor
Weapons: A very old DC-17 Rifle with all the attachments. Found the wepon and attachments from dealers across the Galaxy and two of the parts were found on Kashyyyk and Geonosis.

Bio: Cloned by two donors of different races. -Experiment- Being part Miralukan, instead of having no eyes, he has completely white eyes; red veins running trough it everywhere. Grew up on Manaan, knowing many Selkath, he became naturally a healer of sorts in his teens. Got a job from the Republic to be a patrolman to watch for annoying outsiders who get violent. After injecting a poison (He was set up by a Selkath) thought to be a knock-out fluid into a violent man, he was put in jail. Escaping by easily tricking a Selkath to give him the hydrospanner to fix a conduit in the floor and breaking the lock, he fled and stole an old Firespray. He took many loads of Kolto with him and fled to the Red Sector of Nar Shaddaa. Got a few members to join him and made a Merc Squad. They traveled around the Galaxy, searching for ancient weapons. Currently on Raxus Prime hunting for huge peices rumored superweapon called the Darksaber.

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