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Originally Posted by elTee
Kroms, nice to meet you - always good when a new person joins the staff!
Hi! The pleasure is all mine!

Originally Posted by elTee
I know what you mean about Palahniuk. I read 'Fight Club' and 'Survivor' and thought they were great, but he seems to be playing that transgressive banjo a bit too much. But I guess I should read his other books before moaning about his single trick.
Yeah, it's what bothered me the most, the same cow being milked, if you will. Which is odd, because the smartest person I know is a huge fan of all his works. I'm talking someone who'd have Einstein scribbling notes. I don't get it: doesn't it become boring after a while?

Originally Posted by RemiO
Try his latest, "Rant," it's pretty ****ing great
Soon. Right now I'm in the middle of this 700-pager I won't name because of how bad it is. Actually, wait, I will: No-one ever read The Lives of John Lennon: so, so bad.
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