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hmmm... they said something in star wars mag recently... ill look it up n post...

k found it... says: How exactely did Padme die? We no she lost the will to live, but someone can't "will" themselves to death. Was the force at work here?

Responce:In the end, the despondency over the terrible person ankin became breaks padme's heart. She is unable to come to grips with her husband as power hungery, and a mass murderer has has destroyed everything she holds dear. There might even b a small part of her that blames herself for inadveratly bringing obi wan to mustafar, though Anakin's Grusome fate remaind hidden from her at her final moments. there is nothing to suggest that padmes death is the will of the force, other then anakin';s visions. dosent help much...

ps i just tried to will myself to death, dosent work
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