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OMG…I can’t believe I stumbled across this thread. I just found megs and megs of zipped MoTS screenshots on an old machine of mine the other day. I was never really into the clan thing, so you guys probably don’t remember me. I was in RS + DoTS for a while, but I tended to switch names several time a night. (Kronos, Kalis, Methos, Kanwulf , and other Highlander derivatives) It was just easier to switch names and keep playing than to waste time trying to convince the noobs that you beat them fair and square. Anyway, in these screenshots I found, I think I saw just about everyone who’s posted or been mentioned here. Definitely the best gaming days of my life. Some of my favorite times were playing nf sabers with Starman, Kai, Eagle, and the other RS guys. And ff games with OJ, Ash, BabyDragon, Deciple, and the GQ boys. Oh, and I second that motion for a MoTS2.
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