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Originally Posted by Drifter25
Just tried turning off Read-only and tried again, still doesn't work. But when I open the file again in KSE, the stats are how I left thm, they're just not showing in the game.
I'm having the same problem. I used KSE v.333 to edit a saved game. I used it to raise the attributes but when I tried to go back to the hide out it would take me back to the start menu. I couldn't figure out to fix it (I just did a full re-install) so I started a new game. I was messing with KSE to see if that may have been the problem and it seemed to happen b/c I raised the attributes...

Anyway, back on topic. So I decided to use the cheat console to raise the attributes and use KSE for the FEATS and such. Well the console cheats worked fine but then I couldn't get any of the changes I made with KSE to transfer to the game. They saved in the KSE screen but when I loaded the game up no changes had taken place. I did 2 more re-installs and and it still does the same thing.

When I had started a new game, I did notice it had saves from my first game on there but they weren't in my saves file. I found where they were and deleted them also, still the same problem.

Also, I just checked and I can't get my save folder to stay from saying read only. I click the box next to it to unselect it and then click apply and ok and when I go and check the properties it's back to being read only.

I'll post the specs of my machine if that'll be of any help. It's running Vista...

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