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Originally Posted by Kj°len
]I don't think we should place blame on the movie for giving this person the idea, rather their own damn parents for not teaching them some f*cking morals. In conclusion: their life was f*cked up before they watched the violent movie.
No one wants to place blame on any movie or game. All I say is, there might be a dependency between the violent behaviour of young people and violence in the media, especially if they don't know better. More at least than there is between Monkey Island games and violence, for instance.

It is sad enough that there are kids and young people whose life is ****ed up. And it's not their fault that their parents are idiots who are not teaching them a minimum about values and morals.

Of course, it's not our fault either. But at the end of the day, its our world they keep ****ing up because when they look anywhere else than their asshat parents, they see nothing different.

Originally Posted by Joshi
Give me one good example of a film that glamorises violence and I'll give you a n example of a film that probably brought in large box office returns and yet I wouldn't suggest any more than 1% of the thousans of people that saw the movie solved their problems with a "healthy, Hollywood-like portion of violence!"
This is not about good examples and counter examples, Neil. It's about balance and setting examples.

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