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Originally Posted by han sala
I HATE that excuse that she died of a broken heart. Here is a Director with piles of cash and the man can't even create a good excuse for why she died? My god... Someone else should right these movies for him!

Sorry bout that. Had to unleash my love/hate relationship for GL.
Yeah I hear you. I kinda love that she died the way she did as there's the horrible inevitability in Anakin's actions. His desperation to save her from the future caused it.
But at the same time... she died of a broken heart? Lame.
Padme was really shafted in the prequels. Most of the deleted material was hers.

Originally Posted by Kain
Bad thread ressurectors. BAD!
This was about the 3rd newest thread in this section when I posted. It's not my fault this area is so dead there's threads on the first page that are over a year old.
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