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[QUOTE=Ztalker]Why can't it be a combination of both?
If you want to recover from wounds, you'll need the mental power and recilience to do so. Placebo's proof this.
Padme might have been mortally wounded, but with good chances to survive. But if the mind doesn't want to do won't work.

Unfortunately this is impossable, think of the glorious day when all those darn emos die due to their self inflicted papercuts. Better than mudkipz.

She does not seem to be suffering from mortal wound. And no generally you don't "will yourself to die" from a simple cut, plus she is probably not willing herself to death due to her kiddos and such. So even if she lost the will to live, it would hardly be fatal. Oh, and if Palpy is behind her killing then he would have known of the twins. So unless he intend on acquiring them later for his own use he would have done something about it. Even if, in the event that he DO want the twins, he would have done even more to safeguard their usefulness, including elimination of ObiWan. Well, unless he is too coward to face a future great Sith.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Although I still find it weird she doesn't stuff it away to raise the children. I mean, what's the point? She leaves the children mother and fatherless.
I keep hoping that she is actually alive and the death is just a ruse of a dead handmaiden or something. Where she can raise Leia in secrecy disguising as a maid under Organa's guidance.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
MARA JADE! Padme to be in Star Wars again? Maybe, but I'm thinking the faves for this would be either Jade or Aayla Secura.
Secura would be nice. Would be hard to make characters with meaningful death like ObiWan coming back without raising huge sheetstorm though.

Hmmm... chewie. Impossable, but would be nice, none the less. His death is so undeserved.

As for jade, I love her character, but in the end I think she got a somewhat reasonable death, and while she is looking good also (despite her age she looks really young and juicy still) I mean, it would be stupid indeed to see a 90 year old Han in daipers yelling YeeHow in a even more beat up Falcon while mistaking the wrinkled up Leia as good old chewie due to partly Han's catarac and partly Leia's new look.
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