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Choppy Cutscenes in JK

Recently, I found a copy of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. It runs fine for me, but my cutscenes are all choppy. They're fine for maybe the first 10 seconds, then the lipsync starts getting behind the audio, then the video constantly pauses to catch up. It makes the videos completely unwatchable. This happens in both the regular game and in the cutscenes menu.

My computer:

Windows XP SP2
AMD 64-bit processor (don't recall which one, sorry)
ATI Radeon HD 2400 AGP

As you can see, my computer ought to be able to handle videos like this correctly. However, it doesn't and so I'm very confused. I've updated using the latest patch (including the "unofficial" one), ran JK in compatibility mode. I've noticed that by alt-tabbing out of the program and back in, the video is synced up, but then it'll get back out of sync within five seconds or so.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd be obliged.
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