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Only that a heavy dose of "opinion" was necessary to wiggle around to a point where the accusation of a forum rules violation could be made. If she has an opinion and you have an opinion and I have an opinion and all those opinions are on equal footing, then we should be able to have a lovely chat rather than moderators arbitrarily deciding what things mean.

However, the tone of the note suggests that Stoffe has decided (based on her opinion) that the comment was an ad hominem. She's also decided (based on her opinion) that I was somehow disingenuous with my comments. And finally she's decided (based on her opinion) that term used means what she's decided (based on her opinion) it's going to mean.

If the SWK staff wants to outlaw the use of the term "intellectual dishonesty" from Kavar's all you guys have to do is say so. Trying to prop the decision up with a lot of erroneous arguments simply makes it difficult for me to understand what the rules are.
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