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It's time to cool down and that applies to everyone.

I understand that there might be disagreements and that not everyone has the same degree of sensitivity but is it really necessary to start throwing knives at each other over a so small issue? This isn't going anywhere. At one point, some things have to be left behind...

No warnings were issued here. However, whether you agree or disagree with the context, the intent of stoffe's reminder in the thread wasn't a bad can also be summarized to 3 words: keep it friendly We are trying to make Kavar a welcoming place for everyone, no matter the age (well 13+ ), the origin or backround and thus encourage friendly the same time, that doesn't mean that you cannot express your opinions and discuss/challenge others opinions.

I think that what had to be said has been said and instead of arguing ad nauseam in this thread, the issue will be discussed in private. If there are rule modifications to be made for the future, people will be informed accordingly.

@ Achilles and other regular members: if you have further comments/suggestions on the issue, feel free to send me or any other staff member a PM.

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