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now for a different question

thanks, now for my second question. Here is how i want the tournement set up if we use a x-wing like system. We will use a ticket system, the optional pilot proving ground missons and all historical combat missons give you tickets if you win them. You can also get tickets by having good behavier off-game (real life). Sometimes you can even get tickets from successful tod missions with all the objectives completed and you dont mess up once (after the mission gets into historical combat that rule doesnt apply anymore) If you get rescued while ejecting in the tods you owe one ticket, if you get captured and want to be rescued then you owe 5 tickets, if you get killed, then it is game over. To enter the tickets ingame you have to get them off-game, then enter the ticket's code in-game. for Pilot proving grounds first couple levels are required to complete, the rest are optional. for Historical campains: the training ones are required to complete,bonus missons are optional. What game is the best for this kind of setup (i understand that it probably requires modification)
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