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I used to play this game all the time...
I heard about it from a friend and got my own copy for my birthday. The two of us found/attempted everything in the game that we thought was possible, and then set out glitch hunting and more random stuff.
...our interest died out after a while though and we stopped.

Out of nostalgia I returned to this game about two years ago. I finally succeeded in killing the entire town of mos espa (except Anikin, Padme, Jar Jar, and Watto). Then I managed a minimal kill challenge (and posted something about it here)...then i forgot about the game again.

But recently I was rooming with this friend and our conversation one day turned to this game. I still have my cd. Unfortunately, my computer's cd drive is broken (it doesn't open or anything)...but that can be fixed. I think it's time for a third visit.

While I know critics were turned off by the game's glitches, I think they're half the fun! The favorite glitch I remember is getting on the ceiling of the queen's first area in "The final battle".
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