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Stoffe, the Unofficial Patch includes 2 patches in it's download. One is called Basic which is only fixes and the second is called Plus which activates unused content and fixes serious unbalanced issues Troika obviously didn't have time to implement and fix. The Read-me includes a list of changes for each of the patches.

Right Lantzen, that's the people that stole all the work the Unofficial Patch Team and put it into *their own patch* without asking permission or giving credit. Then to confuse the Bloodline community and fans they started using the Unofficial Patch Team numbering system to undermine the real work being done to fix the game.

Personally I would never use the patch listed by Lantzen since this patch was done out of spite for the community, stealing work and not even giving credit for the stolen work. They constantly tried to undermine the work of the Unofficial Patch team. The UOP team goes out of it's way to support the community offering a forum for feedback about potential changes and how to implement them.

To me stealing other modders work and showboating out of arrogance is destructive to the community and not worth supporting.
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