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I would say your definition of the group thats most annoying can be specified to the ages between 11 and 15. I know from experience of being a member of that group(shudder) that that is when most people are A extremely homophobic, B think AOL speak and 1337 is the coolest thing to ever happen and C think they're better than everyone, and if anyone is better than them then they're clearly cheating. It doesnt happen to everyone but I do notice that once people get to be 16 and 17 they figure out that 1337 makes you look like a complete idiot, they're not the best and well some people never grow up about the homophobic stuff. If you want an example of this, look at my very first posts on this forum, if I had time I would edit them and make them in English, however I dont have time to translate whatever I wrote back then out of catonkeyboard landguage.

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