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Deklik Mukak
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Deklik Mukak
Species: Dug
Age: 27
Height: 4'7"
Eyes: muddy brown
Gender: Male
Bio: An odd Dug with the ability to use the force, Deklik Mukak is truly a disgusting creature. All of his life has been devoted to greed and treasure, looking in the worst, most disgusting places for it. Deklik Mukak has gained many skills in his travels, including being able to use a lightsaber and the force, and his techniques are...unorthodox. Even though he loves to find it, Deklik Mukak is a terrible judge of value and will carry away junk more often than the treasure.

Abilities: Force Abilities like force grab, force push, pull, and run. Is a mixture of good in bad, since he is self tought. He also has force choke, force float.
Fighting with a lightsaber (really cool, unorthodox because he can switch between hands and feet), stealth and stealing (but no identification skills lol), unarmed combat, Podracing, Dug dash, and blaster dogfighting.

Double sided purple lightsaber
Blaster pistol

Disgusting rags

Alliance: Neutral, just out for greed
Rank: Treasure hunter
Ship: The Rustler, with rust blaster

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