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Sakar Demkash

Species: Zabrak
Age: 26
Height: 7'9"
Eyes: Yellow from corruption
Gender: Male
Background: Sakar was born on his parents ship The Mysterious. Both of his parents were Jedi. At the age of three, Sakar began his training with the Jedi. He was very powerful in the Force and very arragent. At the age of twelve, he stole his parents YT-2000 and flew to Korriban. (His father had tought him how to fly at an early age.) He then trained in the ways of the Sith and created two new sabers. He progressed until he became a Sith Knight.
Weapons: Dual single bladed crimson sabers.
Ship:YT-2000 The Mysterious It has been modified and has two heavy blaster cannons, one on top, and one attached to the bottom of the cockpit.
Alliance: Sith
Rank: Sith Knight
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