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Hmm, I would've gone for a 22" ViewSonic VX2240W

"Why?" You say?

I think going above that for a 360 is overkill as anything above 720p is upscaled anyways (there's even controversy about certain games being upscaled to 720p, making the 1080p and upscaling of an upscaled image = ouch!), and you will lose some of the sharpness in the image (some people say that it makes no difference, but if you're a psycho purist like me, it would bother you )

Here's an excellent review of that Viewsonic screen, which got the much sought after 5 star rating on, there's even a video of it in action there...

If you must go 24" I'd get the Viewsonic VX2435WM, of which you can read the review here (can't seem to find it on Newegg though), though it expresses my concerns about upscaling, and more!
It says that from a PC input, everything looks amazing, but from consoles or other inputs, 1080p gets upscaled (once again!!!) to 1200p, which means another loss in quality! Like I said, maybe it's not that bad, but I know it would bother me personally...

Just my two cents

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