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Originally Posted by 2Corin517 View Post
So I've made a Force Power, now I'm aching to make a feat. I'm hoping to make 2 feats actually, the same feat, both games. How do you make feats? Where are the feat scripts?
You can only add placeholder feats, since the actual workings of the feats are hardcoded in the game engine for the most part. Thus only feats with indirect effects are meaningful to add.

While you can't trigger a script directly when a feat is activated, you can check for their presence in other scripts and then make those behave differently. The most common application for this is feats that add extra options in dialogs, or feats that modify how force powers work (extend durations, increased healing, do more damage etc when the force user knows a certain feat), or feats that modify the characters proficiency in using grenades, rockets, shields, medpacs etc.

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