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HELP: Bug on Mission 3 - Door to ship wont open :(

Hey, On mission 3 of the first set of missions, (ON JA), ive destroyed all the bombs and im told to get back to the ship.. so ive gone through the explosions and im back where i entered the place... but the door out to my ship wont open no matter what, ive tried everythin and made sure i didnt miss anything..

then i read on a review on gamespot that a guy experienced the same problem and that its a bug that sometimes occur.. but he didnt say how to fix it, its my only save point cos i delete em as i go.. so if i cant fix it i gotta start again cba with that lol, so i wanted to know if anyone here has had the same problem and can help me???

Any help is appreciated x

THanks hope you can help.
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