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Dream or Reality?

Hello, and welcome to my first fic in quite a while. It is obviously entitled Dream or Reality?. I don't know how many chapters it will be, but I hope you enjoy it, and please, post comments and any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy
----------Dream or Reality?----------
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Where dream and reality blend into one...

Revan awoke to find himself in a force cage.
“Where am I?” asked the weary Revan.
“Maybe if I retrace my steps. I was hunting down a bounty hunter, along with...” a sudden moment of realisation spurred with in him. “Bastila.” He looked around the room. The room was as bland as possible, brown walls, probably made out of clay, it seemed, old.
“Hmm.” Revan turned to find a black figure, standing next to a table. “Searching, for her?” the table lifted to show Revan a beaten and bruised Bastila, strapped in to the side of the table. She was pale, a shade of white which didn’t seem humanly possible.
“Your little accomplice here will perish, if you don’t tell me who you are.” He stepped into the sunlight.
“You, you’re the pathetic bounty hunter I was sent to capture, I’d recognise your scum anywhere.” Revan taunted him.
“I wouldn’t talk like that, if I were in your position.” He unsheathed a vibrosword, one unlike any other Revan had ever seen before. It was a crystal-silver colour, with a handle as blue as the depths of Manaan.
“You’d have to be a moron not to know who I am.”
“Wrong answer.” said the bounty hunter, stabbing the sword into Bastila’s left bicep.
“AHHH!!” the shriek was deafening, Revan’s feelings grew more intense, as did his powers.
“Now, tell me who you are.”
“I’m,” Revan started, struggling through the pain of feeling Bastila’s suffering. “I’m Revan.”
“Revan?” the bounty hunter spat on the ground. “You’re not as untouchable as I have been lead to believe. Why are you after me? It’s obvious you can’t compare to me.” Revan snickered.
“You will get what you deserve, mercenary scum.” He took great disrespect to that, stabbing Bastila through right bicep. “Your girlfriend here won’t have an arm at this rate.” The pain was intense, like been dipped in the fires of Mustafaar. Revan had enough, the world went black, then, a sudden gush of white as he releases the true power of the Force. The Force cage has been busted open, he looked around to check on Bastila, he had shielded her well enough to not be hurt, the Bounty Hunter though, he was a bloody mess on the floor, his crumpled body bleeding profusely. Revan unstrapped Bastila. “Can you walk?” He asked. “I think so.” Bastila’s voice was faint, like the soft sounds of the breeze in the Dantooine plains. “We have to get out of here. Follow me.” They escaped through a hole in the wall.
“They’ve escaped.” screamed one of the Mercs, “After them!!” They pulled out there blasters and followed. “The Ebon Hawk is in the hangar to the south of the complex, if we can make it, we’ll be safe.” Revan sounded worried, something rarely seen in Revan’s courageous demeanour. They had to rely on their wits, their lightsabers taken from them, and lost on the previous planet they visited, Revan could barely remember anything from before he awoke. FWOOSH. Blaster fire screamed past the ears. “DUCK!!” Revan screamed. They slid behind some boxes of supplies. “Revan, look.” Bastila handed him a blaster. “Don’t miss.” Revan smiled, “I rarely ever do.” Revan protruded his torso from behind the boxes and started shooting. The Rodian copped one right in the temple, while the two Trandoshans got it through the heart and eye respectively. “Told ya I wouldn’t miss.” They sprinted towards the hangar door. “There it is!” Revan pointed to the Ebon Hawk, which was in near perfect condition. They blasted the door open with explosives they found in the supplies boxes, only to find a Dark Jedi and a handful of Bounty Hunters.
“You’re not Indestructible Revan, and right here and now, I will prove it.” His lightsaber shone a blood-red, as evil looking as Malak before his timely demise. He swung, narrowly missing Revan’s neck.
“Bastila, head to the ship, I will be there shortly.” She ran towards the Ebon Hawk, the Bounty Hunters in pursuit.
“Now Revan, it’s just you and me.” Revan shot at him, but his weak blaster was no match for a Dark Jedi’s lightsaber, relying on his wits and the Force alone, he took on the Dark Jedi. Revan leaped over his head and pushed him into the wall, he then leaped towards him and, going against the Jedi’s teachings, choked him before frying him with a jolt of lightning and flinging him into the wall across the room.
“Not indestructible? I beg to differ.” Revan headed towards the Ebon Hawk, where Bastila was in trouble.
“Revan HELP!!” The shriek was as loud as the sounds of the dead in the ancient tombs of Korriban. The Bounty Hunters had her cornered in the Hangar, “I’m coming!” Revan shocked them all with the power of the Force, which he wields in the palm of his hands. He knocked them out cold. “Revan, there’s still more somewhere in the ship.” Bastila was shocked from the events that had happened in such a short space of time. “I’ll find them.” Revan carefully tiptoed around the ship. He found, nothing. The ship was empty. He walked back to the hangar, where Bastila was still waiting. He gave her a hug and said, “Bastila, there’s no-one else.”
“Then, who am I?” Revan turned to see an Iridonian. “As quickly as he saw him, was as quickly as there was a thud. He looked down, a vibrosword had pierced his stomach. The pain felt numb, more like a wound from wlaking into a wall, rather than a vibrosword to the stomach. He pulled it out. He felt nothing more than a stinging sensation, until, he turned to realise Bastila was crumpled on the ground. Revan grew pale, he collapsed onto his knees
"If I wasn't so close to her it wouldnt've pierced both of us, this is all my fault I should've protected her, why her, why couldn't I be the one who got most of the blade? The pain had started to kick in, “Maybe this is all a hallucination, a dream, maybe it was all hallucinated.” He let out a surge of the Force, but the Iridonian escaped. He just stayed there, next to Bastila, crying. “Maybe it’s just a Hallucination.”

Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for the next chapter.


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