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That looks about right, it would be easier for me to troubleshoot with the actual pk3. This is for Jedi Outcast correct?

Let's start with the basics, make sure you setup your work directory like this:

Setting up the work path

Since Jk2 is based on the Quake 3 engine, we need to create a base folder to hold the player model.

-So go ahead and create this directory structure:

"c:\base\models\players\"your player model"

-the next step is to add the animation file to:


-Where is the _humanoid.gla file you ask? in the assets0.pk3 file in your gamedata\base folder of JK2, a .pk3 file is a zip file that's been renamed. All you need to is do open it with winzip, find the file _humanoid.gla...just sort the files by type and look for gla you can also extract the .cfg file (animation sequence file). Make sure it's in "base\player\_humanoid".

-I installed the Raven tool kit in c:\base which should give you c:\base\tools

You should now be ready to start your project.

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