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VtM: Bloodlines (from the late developer Troika) has been patched by fans up to v5.4. You can grab the patch here.

The changes made are as follows:
  • Repaired braid perception powerup and Yukie and VV dialogue issues.
  • Restored third person melee and included alternate files in tools.
  • Corrected minor dialogue and map details and two item descriptions.
  • Swapped tape messages at Grout's Mansion and fixed clipping ghoul.
  • Restored Toreador humanity xp bonus and burning Tzimisce creations.
  • Added many expressions towards Nosferatu and adjusted some others.
  • Fixed missing Patty quest update and a possible Boris and Dema bug.
  • Repaired warehouse bum leaving and Romero fun sound playing again.
  • Fixed Dane crane switch directions and removed Venture window taxi.
  • Removed Misti freebie for Nosferatu and added a Sweeper reference.
  • Changed sound for dead body container and some npctemplate genders.
  • Added short-time bar replacement for Venus in case you killed her.
  • Made Glaze monitor turn off earlier and fixed Zhao death reference.
  • Moved Kamikaze Zen vent exit into a back alley to make more sense.
  • Corrected wrong observatory manhole sound and many bad drop sounds.
  • Placed females at the Blood Hunt and restored Heather clothes fix.
  • Corrected a TBO sign typo and male Tremere model, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Fixed Prodigy history not being available and Dane computer issue.
  • Corrected contradiction of Wong Ho newscaster and newspaper report.
  • Fixed Pestilence for bosses and visible taxi TV icon and triggers.
  • Restored netcafe headrunner sequence and a Giovanni guard sentence.
  • Corrected Skelter/Patty issues and removed wrong gestures of Jack.
  • Restored unused Daniel Ash - Come Alive song into the Empire hotel.
  • Added TV sound to Nosferatu haven and made Sweeper defend himself.
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