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Originally Posted by Darca Lar View Post
And I realized the depth and originality in Mass Effect's story is awesome, while K1 and 2 have about the same setup: K1 youre on the run from the Sith after they attacked your ship; K2 you're on the run from the Sith after they attacked Peragus. After that you go on the path of the force and save the Galaxy.
First of all, you only run in Endar Spire, Taris, and Peragus. The other times are hunting for the Star Maps.

Secondly, that is the basic plot of the game. Almost all basic plots of games are the same. Save this, kill that. It's how it is executed which makes the difference. You can have a killer idea for the game, but it could still be crap. You need to look closer than what things appear to be to truly appreciate it.
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