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These are my strateges for Rhen Var: Harbor. If you have not yet noticed, the maps the Republic starts off with, are the same as the bases that the Empire starts with. Same with the Cis and the Rebels.

Clones/Empire: Start as Jet trooper at the AT-TE/AT-AT, fly to the CP Light House, capture it, wait a minute for defense then "Cross the River" to the tower with only one turret, not the entrance with a pair of stairs and one turret. ( I call that gap a river becuase when the Cis and Republic are shooting turrets and firing at each other, it seems like if you drop "into the river" you die instantly) Sneak around to the wall on your left in front of the stairs. Make sure you don't lose the CP Light House, if you do just fly back.

Cis/Rebels: Charge the Ice caves with a super battle droid and make sure you use wrist rockets while firing your wrist blaser . The Tri-shot works well here. For the Rebels use a soldier. Once you capture the CP Ice Caves, double back and make sure no one takes the CP's The Fortress, Light House ,and the other one next to the ice caves.
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