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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Err...I think you may have misinterpreted what he said.
He does not argue that god caused the big bang at all. He mentions that pre-big bang is one of the only remaining hiding places for our "god of the gaps". Even then, the idea that "goddidit" isn't an answer because it doesn't provide any details.

So again, I think you might have taken some liberties with what was said
No, I just wasn't clear with how I worded the last post. I know he wasn't supporting this claim. He actually was kind of refuting it; I was just identifying it as the one that I believe.

Originally Posted by Achilles
Everything that we've been told about god and jesus comes from the bible. If you accept that the bible is not extant and most likely contains errors, then you also accept that what we've been told is incomplete and could be wrong.
Perhaps incomplete, but not totally false as you claim.

Originally Posted by Achilles
By the standard that you've adopted, you must also accept islam, paganism, the flying spaghetti monster, invisible pink unicorns, and every other god, demigod, faeries, etc invented by the mind of man just as wholly as you do "God". If you do not, sir, then you being extremely hypocritical.
I'm not sure if I can adequately present a counterpoint here. Perhaps I am.

Originally Posted by Achilles
Take care, my fir
I would assume you mean friend.
Either way, same to you


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