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Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
Yeah, and it also sucked too in the eyes of a lot of people.
Eh, I thought it was a better movie than ATC actually, (though of the prequels, RTS always wins ) and that it wouldn't have been as good if it had started right in the middle of a battle we knew nothing about. The beginning set it up fairly well, and most of the audience knew what was going on when the guns started blazing-about 10 minutes later.

Originally Posted by Lord Foley
Fighting is the core of the gameplay, right? I didn't say it's the core of the game at all- I am 100% in love with the game for the story, not the fighting- but the gameplay is fight driven. It's how you get experience to get levels to be better at everything else. It's the core of the playing part, not the thing as a whole.
I wouldn't really call fighting the core of the game, but it is essential. Of course, the story is way more important. As for Revan and the Exile hunting down the Sith... great idea, but how would it work in terms of game mechanics? Especially considering this is an RPG series, and will probably stay that way in the next one.
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