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Darth Tepe chuckled quietly for a moment, digging within his cape for a moment before retrieving a holodisk which he placed into the holoprojector on the table. Pressing a button he smirked and the picture of a rather beautiful young woman came into view rotating slowly around.

"Her name is ... was Danielle Bayers" Tepe told the group before glancing over at Reibe in the other table across the room.
"She was a dedicated Jedi. A compassionate Jedi. A protective Jedi. On her way to becoming Reibe's follower as a Sith Hunter" he told them, waiting as if for the moment where Reibe came in to complaint of the matter. Nonetheless, Tepe continued soon thereafter, his eyes going from person to person within the group.

"Now she is a part of the greatest political interaction in the Galaxy. She requested me to provide more for herself, as the Jedi had abandoned her with the Sith Hunters. She got what she requested and now serves nobody. I rely on her to keep me in good relations with the Hutts, an important behind the scenes power in this Galaxy. " the Sith told them before his white eyes went to the hologram. He knew how they would react to his attempt to have them side with the Sith Dominion, yet he continued.

"If you join me, there will be no servitude. Only partnership. Then you can enhance your abilities and learn how to expand the variety of them as well" Tepe told them, trying to encourage them to join his efforts and to embrace his side of Galactic events and his access to power the like they had never seen before.

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