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Inferno and Shocks

How this works is that the Each character can choose an elemental power (Such as Fire, Wind, Water) and use it as a force power. You travel around, and fight people. A basic WoW RPG

All right, now, for restrictions:
Lurker - 1 Force Power; Non-Elemental, 1 Weapon
Rookie - 1 Force Power, 1 Weapon, 1 feat
Junior Member - 2 Force Power, 2 weapons, 2 feats
Veteran - 2 Powers, 3 Weapons, 2 feats
Senior Member/User Title (1000) - 2 Force Powers, 3 weapons, 3 feats, Prestige Class (Advanced DS/LS Guardian, Master, Sith Lord)
2000 posts - 3 powers, 3 weapons, 4 feats
3000+ posts - 4 Powers, 4 weapons, 5 feats

Until you get the ability to use a User Title, You can only have 1 Elemental Power (Except Lurkers, no Elemental Powas for them.). As for Now, for the template:


Alright, I shall be first!

Name: Roma
Feat: Acrobatics, Sniper
Powers: Force Blaze, Force Push
Weapons: Blue LongSaber, Aratech Sniper Rifle
Alignment: Dark Side
Class: Jedi Guardian
Description: Once a renowned Jedi, Roma went on a solo mission to Hoth. There, he met a strange person named Delphus. Delphus was a Dark Jedi, and when Roma figured it out, he tried to kill Delphus, but in doing so, realized that he himself was being corrupted by the Dark Side. Soon, Roma became the Apprentice of Delphus. 2 years later, Roma was powerful, and had learned a power of fire. Roma struck Delphus down, and Destroyed the body with Force Blaze. While training with Delphus, Roma learned how to use his master's Sniper Rifle to get meat for food, and how to jump around masterfully around Wampas without being hit. Roma is bound to learn more in his travels. His main goal: Destroy the Jedi who put the idea of a pacifist into his mind.

(Side Note - While talking, use this format:
Roma: blah blag blah
Someone Else: Blah
Roma: Grr...
(Here is a new format. TO do an action:
*Roma Draws his lightsaber, and cuts off Someone Elses head*))

(Side Note2 - Have a fair fight with whoever. Do not go up and:
*R0m4 thr3w h1s l1ghts4b3r at h1m, 4nd k1lled h1m 1nstantly*)
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