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Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
few questions,
1. you get to choose gender and allingment of Revan and exile , Right?
2. do you chose the skin for your lightsaber.
3. Which game is the mod for?
And, an idea for the voices of revan and exile if you find them. revan should be wearing his mask and have a robotic voice. and the exile should be voiced normally. and the Hk-50s should return. just some ideas.
1. I think the genders of Revan and the Exile should stay canonized...saves a lot of time when doing other stuff like dialogue.

2. No comment really. The lightsaber still does the same thing regardless of its skin, and this game isn't a graphics revolution to be showing off stuff.

3. This is for TSL, says so in the thread title.

Voices for Revan and the Exile should be dealt with cautiously...I highly doubt everyone would be pleased with whatever Logan and his crew may come up with. Everyone would have the same opinion if there weren't any voices for those characters at all. Nobody's happy, but nobody's pissed either.

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