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Hey everyone,

Da_man_2423, I can’t say too much about MalachorV since it will let out some spoilers.
I can say…….on MalachorV you will pickup the party member Cain Thrall.

I’m using Sony Vegas mainly to edit and create the new movies.

You will be able to choose Revan’s and Exile’s gender and alignment. I want everyone who plays the Mod to feel like that they are continuing their adventure in the Kotor universe.

You will start off with a light saber since you are a padawan but you will end up losing the light saber early on in the game’s story. I do want to let it be known you will not be spending hours trying to rebuild a light saber which was a controversial issue with kotor2. I’m working out a new system to build light sabers which will be focus around the idea of personalizing it in appearance and ability. I will tell you more in a future post.

The Voices of Revan and Exile……These two voices will no doubt be the most important VOs in the whole game. Da_Man_2423 is right….no matter how I do it, there will be those who will not like it, even if it was done by a game company..still people would find issues with it. I do have some ideas on how to handle the characters…..I won’t say until I do some tests with VO’s before I release this information.

Jedi_man, Its funny you mention about the HK-50s, I was just talking to a member of my team and we were throwing around some ideas.
Yes, there will be the return of HK-50s with new skins. Also you will find out what happen to them since kotor2’s ending.

I love getting questions from you guys, keep them coming

Kotor: Revenge of Revan
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