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Originally Posted by Maxstate View Post

Alright, let's steer this into a direction.

What do you guys think of these ideas for point garnering:

-single points-
+hard to earn
+everything costs the same amount :ussr:
+things locked down until you open them up via other skills

Originally Posted by Maxstate View Post
+bigger amounts (i.e 1500 credits for an e-11 and training, ammo)
+easier to earn
hmm, this concept doesn't really fit with the game. Though its a excellent concept in KOTOR. But thats a long single player game RPG. while this is a short and quick random fights. I think we should keep the current system we have, but slowly build the skill tree idea until its made properly. If it works well then we'll stick with it.

From what I've read the skill tree is much superior to our current skill system.

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