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Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
Thanks for the poll Niner!
Thank you for reminding me to undust ( litterally speaking) my console! (I tend to forget I have one unless there's a poll like this one )

PC for me. Console is good for the big TV, the couch and the potato chips. I bought an xbox 360 several years ago but after 2-3 days it became a permanent dust collector (I don't have a big TV as 99% of the shows bore me and I rarely eat chips).

PC not only has many more uses but it gives much more freedom when gaming: don't like something? Just change it. Tired of getting your "posterior" kicked by the big bad boss before you can move out to the next level after a stressful day at work? You can turn him into a harmless little mosquito that you can kill with a fly swatter. You hit an annoying bug like the +-200 hour bug in Oblivion? You can restart the game if you're on console or fix it in about 30 seconds on the PC. Also, with a decent system, things just look better than on a console.

I never had any compatibility issue with the PC. I don't necessarily get the latest components (I never get the extreme stuff as it is just a waste of money) but keeping my system squeaky clean helps a lot.
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