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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
You can't see it though, sure you can study wind, wind speed, wind chill things like that but, you can't see it, God's just like that, you can't see him but you can see him affect the world, like I said in my last post, miracles, the supernatural...I've seen demonized people get healed and released from the shackles of that demon, it's pretty radical, I've seen legs grow up to two inches, you can't just tell me they had a growth spurt in one leg the same time the whole church was praying for it to grow, God made it grow...he's like the wind...
The fact that our senses are limited is not proof there is a God. A horde of invisible purple elephants could be the root behind both wind and gravity - the elephant bloweth and the elephant sitteth on us. They cannot be discerned by any sense, and they have complete omnipotency; as such, how can any deny their divinity?

Oh, and demons are only the masquerades of invisible mice. They are the immortal enemies of the elephants, for they are tiny and confined to our cupboards and closets. The only moment of respite for the mice is to infest ordinary humans and play tricks on them.

On a slightly more serious note, how do you determine that the phenomenons of the natural world are caused by any particular God or gods? How do you know it is God, not Allah, not Vishnu, Zeus, Juno, or Thor?

God isn't going to play stupid games like that...
What a display of hubris you show. Evidently, you know what God is not going to do.

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