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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Because from what I've learned about them, they're pretty cruel to their followers or very strict, with God, there are only a couple of rules you need to follow, pray, read the bible, go to church, ask god into your heart, witness, tithe, and you're going to heaven.
I take it you're not a Catholic, then.

Quick question, though: is the God of the Old Testament the same as the New Testament?

Wouldn't you want to follow a few rules and have an awesome eternity living in a mansion, no tears, no pain, and streets of gold, think about it, isn't it better than dying and that's it, Evolution really points that direction, I'd prefer dying and going to Heaven
Pascal's wager. If God does exist, I figure there's really only two outcomes to my choice. The first one is that I steadfastly adhere to my evidently flawed attempt to use reason to guide my beliefs: he'll either see me as plucky and reward me for my well intended effort, or doom me to Hell in spite of it. If I believe only due to Pascal's Wager, he'll see through my bluff (he is God, after all) and smite me down because my spirit isn't true.

AND, quit with the mockery okay. I'm frankly rather FREAKING SICK OF IT. I'm just making a point...that's all
It's light hearted satire, and a key component of satire is that it has a message it's trying to bring across.

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