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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
You can't see it though, sure you can study wind, wind speed, wind chill things like that but, you can't see it, God's just like that, you can't see him but you can see him affect the world, like I said in my last post, miracles, the supernatural...I've seen demonized people get healed and released from the shackles of that demon, it's pretty radical, I've seen legs grow up to two inches, you can't just tell me they had a growth spurt in one leg the same time the whole church was praying for it to grow, God made it grow...he's like the wind...
Are you on acid? You're seriously telling me that you saw someone just grow 2 inches over a short time and he sprouted up because God wanted him to? I'm a Christian, but I think that's false.


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