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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
I've seen it multiple times, people complain of back pains, the pastor puts them in a chair and sees that one leg is shorter than the other, the leg grows and the pain is's really cool to see the person's face when they realize their pain is gone it's leg grew 2 inches only one..

How do your pastor just isn't playing you like an orchestra? He raises his hands, you sing his tune. Ever stood back, used individual thought, and thought about how your pastor could just be spoon feeding you information and "miracles"?

How do you know his leg grew 2 inches? What, your pastor told you? Got film of this happening?

And if this pastor and your church can cure that, why don't you walk around town curing everything? Why don't you hang out in a hospital and cure everybody? What, they not good enough for you?

Originally Posted by M@RS
if I was on acid, so was the rest of the church who stood around praying and watching...
This, my friend, is called mob mentality. The pastor says it is happening, gets your adrenaline pumping, then you simply believe god is doing it.

Originally Posted by M@RS
I'm a pastor's son so I can't really get my hands on acid, and if I was on acid, so was the rest of the church who stood around praying and watching...
Oh, but of course you are. Why would you ever disagree or doubt anything that daddy says?

Originally Posted by M@RS
Because from what I've learned about them, they're pretty cruel to their followers or very strict, with God, there are only a couple of rules you need to follow, pray, read the bible, go to church, ask god into your heart, witness, tithe, and you're going to heaven.
Learned from your daddy and the church I take it.

God sends you to hell if you disobey him. He demands full loyalty to get into heaven. To me, that sounds like a blood thirsty dictator more than anything. Something that is supposed to love everything sure demands a lot in return.

Originally Posted by M@RS
You can't see it though, sure you can study wind, wind speed, wind chill things like that but, you can't see it, God's just like that, you can't see him but you can see him affect the world, like I said in my last post, miracles, the supernatural..
How convenient for your argument.

Originally Posted by M@RS
If God didn't exist because we couldn't see him, then you don't have a brain because I don't see it...see where that goes, I hope that helps

Your turn.

Originally Posted by M@RS
Wouldn't you want to follow a few rules and have an awesome eternity living in a mansion, no tears, no pain, and streets of gold, think about it, isn't it better than dying and that's it, Evolution really points that direction, I'd prefer dying and going to Heaven
We all do. Humans fear death. It is a very hard thing to come to terms with.

So, how do we avoid coming to terms with it? We make a fairy tale land of love and flowers to make it more comforting.

People deny evolution and nothingness because it takes away that comfort. How do you keep that comfort? You ignore that which is uncomfortable and hug that which is.

And it is not a few rules. Stop beating around the bush. Your god demands a lot from its followers, and if you do not follow you go to hell.

That isn't a loving father. That is Hitler and his death camps. You conform, or you burn.

Originally Posted by M@RS
The flood and Sodom and Gomorrah was judgement on the people who wouldn't stop sinning even after he told them's something multiple pastors have told me
"God's warnings are his mercies"
Again with the following anything pastors tell you.

Destroying a civilization doesn't sound like mercy at all. If that is his mercy, this world is doomed and every single person in it is going to burn.
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