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1. The pastor wasn't telling us anything, we're a small church and everyone watched, I watched the person's leg grow, it truly was a miracle...if I had film you'd just say, special effects anyone can do it...
2. I watched it happen multiple times
3. I do disagree sometimes what DAD says...
4. I studied mythology and other religions...those Gods are cruel...
5. It's not convenient it's a good arguement
6. That's not a real picture, 3D Rendering is easy, I do it all of the time Yes I know you can see a brain with certain machines, but to the naked eye you can't...
7. Yes death is hard to come to terms with, everyone's scared, but I knew a lady who was coming to church who died, when we went to see her, she encouraged death, she knew it wasn't the end, it was the beginning of a happy eternity
8. The people who don't get saved burn, but if you get save, (IE: God forgive me for what I've done) you go to heaven, there are a few more rules, but if you meet at least this one, I'll see you in heaven

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I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's like the planets are aligning or something.
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