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"I think..." Reibe replied thoughtfully. "I rather think we're both doing the right things. I'm moving back to the Watchtower. To keep an eye on the new trainees and the Network. You've got your hands full up with Eli..."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Well, you're up to date now," Dannar said once the Jabos Team had found a quiet place alone. "What do you think of his offer now?"

Andra frowned. "It's still a tempting offer."

"After all he's done?" Jena objected.

"And all that he could do?" Ruya added. "He exploited Danni Bayers into becoming Charna. Made her think her dearest friend was in danger."

"I know," Andra answered. "But in the end, it was her choice. Once she'd settled, she could have easily withdrawn from his side. Especially after going through the Genuine Machine. He was strong before, and therefore stronger afterward. But both she and her friend Jahara are literal Force powerhouses. And yet she stayed."

"Wouldn't you?" Grayson challenged. "The power of the Force within your easy grasp, and reputation, social status added on top of that?"

"I think that's her point," Kos said slowly. "Our powers more fully trained, and we could have the same status and reputation. Just aligning ourselves with him would give us an edge. We'd be known."

"But then the question is, do we want to be known?" Andra asked, arguing the opposite side. "Holotabloids always in our faces, trying to figure out what we're doing and why... I don't know about any of you, but I never imagined the Team as more than a group of brilliant minds, working to advance technology. Status didn't matter much..."

"But we're different now," Dannar pointed out. "All of us are. I, a telepath; you, a precog; Jena, a 'Force powerhouse', as you so aptly put it; Ruya, a master of water; Grayson, a master of fire; Kos, a telekine."

"Are we agreed then?" Andra asked. "This is important to me. If we aren't all agreed, we shouldn't do it."

"I think we should ask Reibe," Jena suggested. "After all, she's the one who approached us initially."

"But we're essentially asking her if she thinks we should side with her 'friendly adversary'," Dannar objected. "Andra..."

"A moment..." Andra cut in abruptly. She stood still, her eyes half closed, as if in deep thought. Finally, she looked around the circle. "That's interesting," she said, raising her eyebrows. "Come on. We'll talk to Reibe."

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